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Xanadu is the proud recipient of multiple hair design & hair color awards. We create beautiful, believable hair color and are known for it! We are also able to give you that fun, vivid color that you crave, as well (what we call unicorn hair).

We respect the health, strength, and condition of your hair. A complete consultation is provided prior to any coloring service to properly assess your hair and select the shade that will enhance your individual palette and personality.

If you're thinking about changing stylists or are new to the area and want to see what we're all about, we invite you to come in for a consultation with one of our design team members. No commitment necessary. If you already enjoy our salon and just want to try a new member of our team, all of us encourage you to feel comfortable consulting with any one of our qualified design team members.

With four levels of stylists to choose from, we are able to provide great hair services for any budget. Prices are based on stylist’s individual expertise, education and experience.

    Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Women's Haircut with Blow-Dry Finish   27 35 44 55
Men's Haircut & Styling   18 24 28 34
Children Haircut only (under 10)   15 19 22 27
  with Shampoo and Blowdry finish   20 27 32 38
Shampoo & Professional Blow-dry Finish   18 25 30 40
Add Curling Iron or Flat Iron Finish   +15 +15 +15 +20
Formal Updo’s / Special Occasion   50 65 75 85
Scalp & Hair Treatments (Add on)Specific treatments to solve hair and scalp problems...no sulfates, no parabens.   +20 +20 +20 +20

We offer HotHeads Hair Extensions which are human hair, adhesive weft extensions that are applied without the need for tools or heat. You can have a full transformation in about an hour. And the best part is that they are reusable up to 4 times.

Application   Varies with length & volume desired.

Reducing frizz and loosening a curl pattern is essential for some people. As you may well know, summertime in Hampton Roads is not a hair-friendly season. It doesn't have to be as challenging as it once was. Our smoothing treatments will loosen that wave and make it more manageable. It also acts as a significant anti-frizz buster.

Brazilian BlowoutReduce frizz, soften the hair and reduce daily styling time for up to 12 weeks.The only Professional Smoothing Treatment that actually improves the health of the hair.   250-350
*Service includes full-size shampoo and conditioner take-home product! Price is determined by length and density of hair.          
Split-End Repairing Treatment (Add on)Put an end to split ends with the Brazilian Blowout Split End Repairing treatment. Reconstruct and repair, seal, protect, and preserve your hair for up to 4 weeks ..   +30 +30 +30 +30


Putting wave in the hair can produce significant benefits to an individual look. Waves create obvious change in texture. For some, waves will increase the hair's ability to obtain and retain volume. Waving also can dramatically decrease the amount of time one might spend getting ready in the morning. Waves are a great way to open up to new possibilities in style and color choices. Perm prices do not include haircut.

Texture PermCreate texture and/or volume using a technique that only requires 5-9 perm rods. Lasts up to 3 months.     85+ 85+ 85+
Perm Wave     65+ 65+ 65+
Perm Wave, Long Hair     125+ 125+ 125+
Locks of Love is an organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children. If you would like to donate your hair of 10 inches or more, we will provide your haircut free of charge. However, styling and design work beyond the haircut is additional.


Xanadu is the proud recipient of multiple hair design & hair color awards. We create beautiful, believable hair color. We respect the health, strength, and condition of your hair. A complete consultation is provided prior to any coloring service to properly assess your hair and select the shade that will enhance your individual palatte and personality. We proudly use Eufora Color and Eufora Color Elixer.

Root Touch Up Root touchup means that a new color is applied on the new regrowth of the hair.   52 60 69 78
Root to EndRoot to end means that a new color or toner is applied all over to create a new base color. This will cover gray and add a brilliant shine to the hair.   70 81 91 99
DimensionHighlighted hair often looks healthy and shiny, and appears to sparkle in the sun. Highlights are also great at blending a few grays.          
  Mini Highlights (10 foils or less)   43 50 54 59
  Partial Highlighting   65 76 92 108
  Full Highlighting   86 103 124 140
Color Gloss (Add on)Glossing is a great way to get you out of a color rut, or to try a seasonal change. It offers a deposit only, color wash for beautiful shine and some color. Lasts 8-10 shampoos.   +20 +20 +20 +20
BalayageWhen hair is colored with the balayage process, the highlights are painted on by hand in a sweeping motion that moves from the base to the tip of the hair. At the base, the color is applied very lightly, while at the tip, the color is very heavy. The result is a highlight that looks naturally sunbleached, and as the hair grows out, the root will be concealed for the first few months by the thinner color applied to the base of the hair.          
  Mini   54 60 65 70
  Partial   76 90 105 120
  Full   97 115 135 162
OmbreOmbre hair has a distinctive color pattern that is dark close to the scalp and light further down the hair's length. The dark base typically ranges from medium brown to black. This color is generally solid from the roots to the midsection that is roughly parallel to the middle of the face. Lighter ombre highlights make up the bottom half of the hair color, and these can be shades of light chestnut, auburn, or golden blonde. Ombre hair color is usually done only on long hair that falls below the shoulders in order to completely achieve this unique finished look.       150+ 175+
Color Elixer added to Any Color Service   +20 +20 +20 +20
Corrective ColorCorrective color is a color process that must be performed by a professional stylist to correct any and all damage caused by a color service gone bad. Get your hair back to its beautiful color, or let our award-winning colorists help correct at-home mistakes.       Varies Varies
Please note: additional charges may apply for extra product or time. Any additional charges will be discussed during your consultation.          


Treat your skin to a facial designed specifically for your skin type. Our facials offer something for everyone. Our highly trained Esthetician will assess your skin and create a treatment and regime targeted for your individual skin concerns.

Xanadu Ultimate FacialThis customized facial treatment focuses on hydration and specific areas of concern. Skin will jump into action with the support of stimulating blueberry peel and fine lines are immediately plumped with a gentle vacuum suction treatment. This facial instantly improves facial tone and texture for a dramatically younger looking appearance.   90
Xanadu Classic FacialRelax and enjoy a pampering facial treatment that focuses on hydration and specific apreas of concern. .   75
Teen FacialIt’s time for a face-refresher. This deep cleansing facial begins with a gentle foaming Green Tea wash that cleanses out your pores and freshens skin, while reducing surface oils, bacteria and sensitivity. Prepare for a Cherry Jubilee Enzyme that flushes the face with tingles and prickles, followed by a nourishing Rosemary Basil Mask that digs in deep, leaving you with a powder-like, more even-toned fresh face look. Enjoy a cooling finish with a lavender infused moist towel and a mattifying Aloe Moisture Cream.   45
Express FacialGet aboard the Radiant Express – it’s a 30 minute steam powered revival for pale, sallow skin. This full-on oxygenating, skin tightening, circulation heightening facial uses a special Papaya Tangerine Enzyme for a hot kick that stimulates as it tones. Then it’s all cooool from there. A gentle whipped Grapefruit and micro-bead polish nourishes as a Honey Paprika Mask works to shrink your pores into nothingness. A little sweet Blushed Wine Gel for a dewy, youthful complexion and you’re clear for a radiant arrival.   45
Purifying Back TreatmentFor problematic body acne, this treatment will correct impurities with a specific ph balanced cleanser, toner and masque. Fight oils and unsightly blemishes with this exfoliating and relaxing treatment.   60
Lash and Brow TintingWe use a vegetable based dye that won’t cause irritation or staining. The process takes about 15 minutes and can last anywhere from 3-5 weeks!          
  Lashes   25
  Brows   15


  Lip or Chin   8
  Full Face   30
  Underarm   25
  Arm   40
  Half Leg   40
  Full Leg   60
  Bikini   25+
  Brazilian   85
  Back   40+

Add impact to your eyes with semi-permanent lash extensions. Lavish Lashes are the highest standard of eyelash extensions, and Xanadu Hair Salon & Spa is proud to offer you only the best! Each lash is individually applied, resulting in a completely natural look and feel. Lash application will last for up to 7-9 weeks, depending on the care and life cycle of your own natural lashes.

Natural Petite (approx. 40 lashes per eye)   95
Natural Full   145+
Removal   40+
For regular maintenance, we recommend the following for pre-existing lash applications.
Natural Petite (bi-monthly)   45
Natural Full (every 3 weeks)   55

A one-on-one session with our in house makeup artist that will teach you step by step application techniques and correct color selections for your skin tone.

Makeup ApplicationFor special events, bridal parties or proms.   35-55
Make-up LessonA one-on-one session with our in house makeup artist that will teach you step by step application techniques and correct color selections for your skin tone.   45
Eyelash Application (strip lashes provided)   20


This is one of the most important days of your life - one that you have spent years endlessly dreaming about, and one that you most assuredly will never forget! Let us help you make this day as beautiful as you’ve always pictured it.

Please click here to download a PDF version of our Bridal Brochure that includes pricing and packages.